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The Sartorialist is a fashion blog headed by Scott Schuman, a New York City-base photographer. Schuman uses his camera lenses to capture the style of the everyday person; then posting the photographs on his blog for his readers to leave comments or to be simply inspired by the style of his subjects. I created this group for one reason alone: my love for his photographs and his take on fashion. My postings are about particular photographs of his, including a bit of my own commentary. Feel free to be inspired and leave comments as well. (Photo of Scott above taken by Christopher Peterson).

It's all about the white-blonde hair.

Posted By pinkflats on Jul 3, 2007 at 12:17PM

Asian women are usually known for their delicate facial features, and that's why I adore this photo very much:

With her white-blonde "Modified Mohawk," as Scott describes it, her features are very sharp and distinct. Although what she's wearing isn't colorful, her hair gives her that edgy hipness that I would love to emulate one day. Oh how I wish I can sport a hair cut like that. *sigh* The photo was posted on March 21, 2007, taken in New York.

Next example of another great hair do:

I know that Sienna Miller rocked the same hairstyle at the Golden Globes but not too many people liked it, including myself, but somehow I'm drawn to what the woman above did to her hair. I think it's because she doesn't have it all slicked-back like what Sienna did. Also I like the contrast of her smooth braid with her perfectly disheveled hair. It's as if she woke up, braided strands of her hair, pulled it up and there you have it. The photo was posted on Feb. 20, 2007.

Hmmm, I wonder how I would look with white-blonde hair?